Dedicated to
an Italian mom

Gina was an Italian mom. And like so many mothers of that land, she divided her time among work, children and family needs. Among these, the kooking would not be missing. Gina was not a starry cook, she cooked her food for her family. She cooked simple but mouth-watering dishes, few ones but good ones… so good! She would roll out the dough and cook the sauce makin’ it boil for hours, as it should be. It is precisely this kind of cuisine, the cuisine of Italian families, that Gina Café-Cuisine offers, dedicated to an old, precious tradition. And dedicated to Gina. Thanks Mamma Gina!


Hospitality, good taste and friendliness


Inside Lourmarin

Gina Café-Cuisine is located in the center of Lourmarin, few steps from the heart of the village and close to essential services such as the pharmacy and newspaper and tobacconist’s shop. You just can’t miss it!


The quiet indoor room

Cozy and nicely decorated, the restaurant’s indoor room offers maximum comfort to enjoy your dishes. As if you were having lunch at your closest friends’ place…


The new outdoor terrace

You can also enjoy Gina‘s specialties sitting at the tables on the new outdoor terrace: bright, shaded, cooled and peaceful, it will allow you to enjoy the best of Lourmarin’s atmosphere.


Tasty ideas for any occasion

Les Paniers de Gina: a ‘panier’ (basket) for each occasion

Just arrived in Lourmarin? Order an “Arrival Panier” to find better than a snack after your day of travel.
You’ve got friends to receive? Simplify your holidays with a “Reception Panier” that Gina will put together for you.
Are you planning a day out for a walk or a hike? Think of a “Picnic Panier” ideal for a tasty break to relax.
And when the holidays are over, Gina will recommend her best products for you to bring back home, for you or as a present.

It's time for AperiGina!

With the summer, on Friday and Saturday evenings, there is an Italian evening aperitif – aperitif, or rather, aperiGina! Excellent wine and many tasty ‘appetizers’ await you.

Takeaway too!

Gina’s specialties are also to takeaway. Book your dishes to eat at home, for an occasion with friends or for your daily pleasure.

Themed dinners

Gina Café-Cuisine is not open for dinner, but proposes special themed evenings dedicated to the cuisine and the products of the different Italian regions. Find out online and book your dinners to discover the secrets of Italian taste.


Traditional ingredients and flavors

Lunch at Gina’s

In addition to a menu available every day, you can find the dishes of the day – appetizers, first and second courses, desserts – original and always different, rigorously prepared with fresh products and ingredients of the day.

The sweet life

The homemade cakes and desserts do justice to the Italian tradition and are truly mouth-watering! Above all, the strictly homemade Tiramisù and the Torta Paradiso with its triumph of strawberries.

The sauce the way
it used to be

In Gina‘s kitchen, every day starts very early and always in the same way: making the “soffritto” for the tomato sauce. The real one, which cooks for hours, as it once was, the symbol itself of Italian taste.

Gastronomy products to buy

If the dishes of Gina’s inspire you, you can buy products of the high-quality Italian artisan gastronomic tradition to always have them available: pasta, oil, fruit juices and sweets.

Teas and infusions

You can choose from a wide selection of Palais de Thés teas and delicate infusions to drink on the spot. For every moment of the day, when you want to take a regenerating break.

An eye to Bio

Excellent local producers guarantee healthy and genuine organic ingredients. This is the case of eggs, oil, fruit, vegetables, wine or aromatic herbs. To the advantage of the quality of the dishes prepared fresh every day.


Le Clos de la Treille,
Route d’Apt,
84160 Lourmarin,


SUNDAY 9.00 – 19.00

MONDAY 9.00 – 19.00

TUESDAY 9.00 – 19.00


THURSDAY 9.00 – 19.00

FRIDAY 9.00 – 21.00 (AperiGina)

SATURDAY 9.00 – 21.00 (AperiGina)

Do you want to book
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